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The journey at Freedom Hill Recovery Home starts with our Residential Sober Living Community and continues wherever God leads each individual. 

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A woman’s journey through Freedom Hill begins with a commitment to our 12-month residential sober living community. While in the program, residents participate in a 12 step community to learn to explore a life free from drugs and/or alcohol. Through this experience, residents learn to deal with the past, present, and future without the use of substances. Throughout their 12-month program, residents learn to cope with their feelings, while learning not to be guided by them. Instead, they learn to stand on biblical truth that fosters a love for self and others. In addition, residents are given the opportunity to gain many valuable life skills that will contribute positively to employment, parenting, and their overall recovery. 

Residential Sober Living

We recognize that addiction impacts the whole family and that family restoration is a vital aspect of an individuals addiction recovery. While providing a safe and supportive environment for the women in our program, it is also our goal to facilitate overall family restoration. At Freedom Hill we offer support groups, small groups, ongoing support, and prayer for both the client and her family - which plays a significant role in helping them achieve long-term sobriety and rebuilds healthy, supportive relationships with their loved ones and can also provide a sense of purpose and motivation for them.  

Family Support Groups

The servant-leadership training program is a twelve-month additional program consecutive to the residential sober living program at Freedom Hill. During this twelve-months, the servant leader will explore a call to ministry, as well as develop Biblical leadership skills. Most importantly, the servant-leader will learn a pattern of leadership exemplified by Jesus Christ who, in His ministry on earth, set the example of servant-leadership.

Servant Leadership Training

The transitional program is designed to help women who have completed the 12-month sober living program to establish themselves into the community as a pro-social, contributing member of society. To accomplish this goal, residents must work and/or attend school to plan for their future outside of Freedom Hill. While working and/or attending school, they learn to budget, plan, and save. The transitional phase allows the women to maintain structure and accountability that is critical to working a recovery program. Although the length required of the transition phase varies on a case by case basis, women are permitted to stay for up to two years.

Transitional Program

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We are so glad you're here, stick around, there's healing in this place!

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