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We have a God-given dream that no woman ever gets turned away from God's healing because she nor her family can afford it.  That dream comes to life by regular support from our beloved community, churches, and individuals with hearts for giving.  Consider partnering with us today and change lives forever!

Starts With You!


Your regular monthly donation plays a crucial role in sponsoring a client's full tuition on a monthly basis. By consistently contributing, you are providing financial assistance that allows women to pursue their recovery and transform their lives. Once a client graduates, the scholarship is then made available to the next potential candidate in need. Thanks to the collective effort of many regular donors over the years, more than 50 women have had their lives forever changed, as they would have otherwise been unable to afford the opportunity. Your ongoing support is makes a lasting impact and empowers these women to walk in the fulfilment of Christ's plan on her life. 

In addition to the incredible impact regular monthly donations have on sponsoring a client's full tuition, you also have the opportunity to leave your mark by naming the scholarship. Whether you choose to name it after yourself, in memory of a loved one, or keep it anonymous, this is a unique chance to personalize your contribution. By naming the scholarship, you create a lasting legacy and symbolize the transformative power of Christ's love in you. It is a meaningful way to honor someone special or express your commitment to supporting individuals in need.

A Scholarship is considered as a recurring donation that goes directly toward the monthly tuition (cost of expenses) of a client. Full Scholarship is $650, Half Scholarship is $325. 

Sponsor A Scholarship

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At Freedom Hill, we have collaborated with local dentists who have generously agreed to provide affordable dental care. Your support plays a vital role in helping women who have successfully completed our program to regain their confidence by restoring their smiles. It is disheartening to see these women, who have overcome their addictions, hiding their smiles due to embarrassment. By contributing to The Tooth Fairy Project, you can make a significant impact on their lives. 100% of the proceeds from your donation will be dedicated to dental care, benefiting Freedom Hill graduates actively engaged in our aftercare programs. Your contribution will truly be a blessing, bringing joy to these women every time they look in the mirror, for the rest of their lives.

The Tooth Fairy Project now also provides emergency necessary dental care for clients currently enrolled in the 12 Month Residential Sober Living Program. 

The Tooth Fairy Project

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Freedom Hill's Pathway to Recovery Buy a Brick Program is an initiative aimed at completing the walkway leading to the brand new Chapel on site. The program encourages individuals to sponsor a brick by making a donation. The proceeds from these donations will directly benefit the program and ministry.

There are two options available for sponsorship:

  • $100 4"x 8" brick with four lines of text
  • $200 8"x 8" brick with six lines of text.

With space available for 122 more 4"x 8" bricks and 102 more 8"x 8" bricks, donors have the opportunity to leave a lasting mark by engraving their names, favorite scriptures, encouraging quotes, or dedications in memory or honor of loved ones. The completed walkway will serve as a source of encouragement for the women in the program, staff, and volunteers each time they walk on it. 

Buy A Brick Program

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General donations to the ministry of Freedom Hill play a vital role in supporting our mission to provide education, support, and guidance to women struggling with addiction through a Christ-centered residential program that fosters restoration of the mind, body, and spirit, while creating community awareness. . These donations help cover the various costs of operations and supports the ministry and our community as a whole. 

General Donations

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We are so glad you're here, stick around, there's healing in this place!

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