RECOVERY PROGRAM: Freedom Hill is a 12 month faith-based, in-patient process of recovery from chemical dependencies for women age 18 and up

SERVANT LEADERSHIP TRAINING: After a woman has successfully completed the 12 month recovery program, she may choose to enter the Servant Leadership Training program for an additional 12 months.

TRANSITION PHASE: After a woman has completed the Recovery Program, she may choose to participate in our Transition Program for up to 24 months. Transition is designed to assist a woman to find employment, transportation and eventually housing as she becomes comfortable adjusting to society.

COMMUNITY CLASSES: In an effort to further impact our community, Freedom Hill is available to do educational classes for the community.

FAMILY RESTORATION:  We recognize that addiction impacts the whole family.  Our goal is overall family restoration by providing classes for both the client and her family, ongoing support/prayer, and individual counseling as needed.

For information on how to apply for admittance to the Freedom Hill program, contact the Freedom Hill office at 706-776-6109.



We have a teacher here at Freedom Hill that recently found out she had brain cancer. Please add her to your prayer list and there is also  a GoFundMe account set up, if you feel led to help with any amount you can…